Tactical Terrorist

I was one week in Falun, Sweden with seven other students. We joined the project that they had on the school in Sweden. It was a United Nations Game Jam. I had three days to make the game. We had to choose a theme based on the problems in the world. We chose terrorism. Our team presented it on the last day.



  • You can only place the unit in your base
  • Every unit has a different shooting range
  • The tank unit has a shield to block bullets from the front



  • Programming
  • Brainstorm



  • Unity Engine C#
  • Visual Studio
  • Trello



  • Jessey Novani – Developer
  • Erik Lee Öhrbom – 3d artist
  • David Knief  davidknief(at)gmail.com – 3D artist
  • Tobias Nyström Åberg  – Developer
  • Julian – Gamedesigner
  • Remy Tristan Gerritsen – 3D artist


Source code: https://gitlab.com/jesseycool/tactical-terrorist


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