Sugar Snatchers Hero

Sugar Snatchers

Sugar Snatchers is an arcade shooter where you as a robot ride a conveyor belt through various environments of a cake shop to protect your Robro while he makes his way across tables and shelves to try to put an end to the rat infestation.

Team SizeEnginePlatformRoles
12Unreal Engine 4PC (Windows)Network Programmer

My contribution to the project

  • All menu functionality; Title menu, credits, pause menu
  • Throwing rat curve ball
  • The game loop
  • Objective screen and intro skippable
  • Online leader board
  • Aggressive enemy (green rats) move along a spline
  • Made metrics variables public
  • Controller input

Online leader board

One of my contributions to the game was an online leader board. A team member posted a leader board plugin so I picked that up because I was finished with my sprint. It works by sending JSON back and forth to a real-time database via the REST API from Firebase. To do that from Unreal I used a plugin called VaRest.